Our Wedding Ceremony & Reception Locations

I can’t believe tomorrow is already June 1st! Where has this year gone?? Seriously it’s flying by. We just had snow last month and it’s already summer flying by! Since last weekend was Memorial Weekend, the “unofficial start of summer” the wedding count down has begun! In just over 2 months I’ll be walking down the aisle! I can’t contain my excitement! lol Lance and I have been getting so many details with the wedding squared away over the last couple of weeks. His ring came in, I made a hair/make-up appointment, we rented chairs for the ceremony, our food tasting is tonight, and we will be finalizing the flower arrangements soon! 

Choosing our ceremony and reception locations was a challenge! I think a venue really sets the tone of a wedding, and you can’t really plan much until you have the venue booked. Originally Lance and I wanted to have a farm to table themed wedding. We looked at a ton of places, spoke to numerous people and went back and forth a lot. In the end Lance and I decided we wanted to have an intimate wedding with just our parents, siblings and a few close friends. Instead of a farm to table themed wedding, we chose locations that are really meaningful to us. Honestly, I think being in our early 30’s we realize this is exactly what we want. A simple and intimate gathering celebrating 2 people getting married. Thinking back to my 20’s I know my wedding would be completely different. I would get caught up in having a huge bridal party (which we don’t have one), getting a really expensive photographer (we’ve booked one for 2 hours during our ceremony), and made sure to have allll the decorations (we’re using the natural beauty as a backdrop for our ceremony & reception). Don’t get me wrong, I would have loved to invite everyone we know, it just didn’t feel right to us.  

Our Ceremony Location

With being an event planner for 8 years, I know that the littlest details are what takes an event from good to great. Since Lance and I live in an area surrounded by natural beauty, we don’t want to take away from the breath-taking scenery. For our ceremony, we will be getting married at a private residence in Keene, New York overlooking the High Peak Mountains. For someone who lives in an area where I’m surrounded by mountains daily, I’m in complete awe every time I go here. Lance and I are fortunate to have our wedding ceremony in this location, as I can’t think of a better place in the area to get married. We are getting married by one of Lance’s closest friends, in-front of 20 people, with a violinist and guitarist playing in the background.

View of the High Peak Mountains in Keene Valley, New York
Ceremony scenery

Our Reception Location

For our reception I took a page from my event planning days. I remember one time we had clients visit, and we took them on a boat ride across Lake Placid Lake to the Lake Placid Lodge for a cocktail. It was a warm, beautiful night, and I loved seeing all the camps on the lake. We pulled up to the most luxurious lodge with broad stone porches overlooking the water and Whiteface Mountain. For some reason, this exact moment popped into my head while Lance and I were brainstorming ideas for where we would hold our reception. I told him the idea and he instantly loved it! So now after our ceremony we’ll be enjoying a nice pontoon ride on Lake Placid Lake with our family, having our cocktail hour on their broad stone porch and enjoying our dinner in the luxurious lodge overlooking the lake and Whiteface Mountain.


Photo via lakeplacidlodge.com

With a small wedding we have saved quite a bit, which in the long run was our goal.Saving on our wedding has opened up the opportunity to work on a few major projects at our home. 

Here’s a few things we saved on for our wedding:

Lance and I decided not to purchase invitations since our family member’s are our guests, and they have been planning our wedding with us since the beginning.

A violinist and guitarist will be playing at our ceremony, however, we’re saving on the reception by bringing an ipod for background music. Since we’ll be on the boat ride and have cocktails on the deck, we’ll mostly be outside during the reception.

Pictures are such an important part of the wedding day. Since Lance and I aren’t having a traditional wedding with a bridal party, dancing, etc., we booked the photographer for 2 hours during our ceremony. Although we aren’t having the photographer the whole day, I know she’ll get plenty of amazing pictures during that time frame.

Both locations really speak for themselves, and having too much decor will take away from the picturesque views we will have. Candles and flowers are a simple touch against the stunning backdrop we’ll have. Rustic elegance is what I’m going for so the candles and flowers will be perfect for the setting! 


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