5 Tips On How To Create A Flower Arrangement

Last week my friend and I headed to Pure Placid to attend a Flower Arrangement Workshop taught by Linda D’Arco, owner of Little Farmhouse Flowers. I was so excited for this event simply because having fresh flowers on my kitchen table makes me so happy. Flowers add so much life to an environment by creating joy, adding interest and making everyday special. Not to mention, a fresh bouquet of flowers is a great way to re-fresh for spring. Last year I saw Little Farmhouse Flowers at our local Farmers Market in Keene Valley with the most beautiful bouquets, so I was thrilled when I saw Pure Placid was hosting this event for their Wellness Wednesday’s series.

Tulips in a vase with water

About Little Farmhouse Flowers

Little Farmhouse Flowers is located in Jay and are part of the “slow flowers” movement in the United States. Linda told us that 80% of the flowers in the United States are imported from other countries which many use pesticides and carcinogens that are banned in this country. The first thing people do when receiving a bouquet of flowers is smell them, and then you end up taking in those chemicals that are on the flowers. At Little Farmhouse Flowers they are committed to sustainable and organic practices. Besides having all organic flowers, I really like how they grow varieties of flowers that you wouldn’t normally see at your local grocery store. The flowers Linda brought in were beautiful; tulips of all different colors and some varieties I’ve never heard of before, such as the fringed tulip. With my wedding a few months away, I was especially interested to see if Little Farmhouse Flowers offers floral arrangement services for weddings and events, which they do and specialize in!

Linda from Little Farmhouse Flowers preparing a floral arrangement

5 Tips On How To Create A Flower Arrangement:

1. Prep The Flowers – Cut any leaves off the stems that may fall below the water line. Leaves in the water will cause a bacteria and shorten the life of your flowers. You can also cut an X into stems that are more woodier as this will allow water to get into the stem faster. 

2. Use A Grid (Optional) – Make sure the top of your vase is completely dry. Using scotch tape you can make a grid on the top of your vase as a way to distribute your flowers evenly. For a more organic, loose look skip the grid. 

3. Create A Base – Start by placing your green foliage first. This provides you with a good base before adding in your flowers. You don’t have to stick to one type of green foliage, add a few varieties for different textures and colors.

4. Vary Heights – When putting together a bouquet of flowers, stagger the heights of the branches, greens, and flowers you are using. This gives the display some dimension and height. 

5. You Don’t Have To Be A Designer – Although everyone was using the same flowers during our workshop, everyone’s bouquet came out completely different, yet completely beautiful! Don’t think you have to be a professional flower designer to get a professional flower arrangement. Everyone is creative in their own way. The best part is just having fun with it!

Bonus Tip: For longer lasting bouquets, cut flower stems and add fresh water to your vase every couple of days.

Branches in a vase with water on a table
Creating a base by adding the green foliage.
Flowers in a vase filled with water set on a table.
Incorporating the tulips at varying heights.

Lately, I’ve been wanting to plant flowers at my house, but I’m not really sure where to start. I asked Linda if I was to grow tulips, when would I plant them and where would I buy the bulbs. Linda told me to plant the tulip bulbs in the fall, about 6 inches in the ground and she sells the bulbs at her farm.

One really cool feature Little Farmhouse Flowers offers is their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Flower program. A 10-bouquet punch card redeemable at the Keene or Lake Placid Farmers Markets. Once you purchase your 10th bouquet, on your next visit you will receive your 11th bouquet free! For anyone interested in learning more about Little Farmhouse Flowers please visit their website here or you can visit their stand at the Keene Valley and Lake Placid Farmers Market during the summer.


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