10 Ways To Refresh This Spring

Backyard of a house with tulips planted in the ground

Spring has arrived and it’s woken me up from this funk I was in for a while. The weather was getting a bit depressing to be honest. I’m a winter person through and through (it’s my favorite season), but spring couldn’t come fast enough this year! In the Adirondacks we label spring as ‘mud season’, which is true, but there’s so much more to spring than rain, mud and mild temps. Spring brings a new season, fresh beginnings, outdoor hikes, preparing the gardens, grilling, fresh bouquets of flowers and so much more. Here’s my list for my top 10 ways to refresh for spring. 

1. Clean Your Car – The first thing Lance and I  did when the weather hit 60 degrees last week was wash & clean our cars. I have to say that’s the one thing I’m horrible at. The worst of it is mostly just the driver side since I’m usually the only one in my car. The way back can get dirty too if I have Bear, Lance’s parents dog, in there or if I get groceries and the veggies and fruit rolls around. The outside was a major mud scene though – we live on a dirt road, and the pot holes are pretty bad til Lance fixes them. (Thank you, babe, for my clean car!)

2. Treat Yourself To A Mani & Pedi – Who else loves a fresh mani & pedi?! It’s one of my highlights during spring. lol I don’t get them that often, so anytime I go I always look forward to it. My favorite brands of nail polish are OPI or Essie. I’m loving the colors light purplepale pink and nude this season!

3. Pack Up Your Winter Clothing & Bring Out Your Summer Wardrobe – As soon as I know warm weather is here to stay, I start to pack up my winter clothing. All of my sweaters will get placed in a tote and stored away for the summer. Then I get out my spring and summer wardrobe items. This is a chance for me to see what items I want to donate and what I need to buy clothes wise for the coming months. This season I’m looking for a new pair of sandals, a dress (or two!), and some cute pajamas

4. Buy A Bouquet of Fresh Flowers – I love having fresh flowers in the house! Flowers are something I don’t buy too often, but tend to get more often in the spring and summer. Having a fresh bouquet in a vase on my kitchen island makes me so happy!

5. Clean Your Fridge – Lance and I actually just cleaned out the fridge which was much needed. We actually do this every few months. It helps when you have an empty fridge (like we currently do!), so you’re not pulling so much stuff out. We usually work with 1 shelf at a time and take out the ingredients on that shelf and place them on the counter. Then we pull the shelf out from the fridge and wash it in the sink and clean the inside of the fridge. We take out the drawers on the bottom shelves on the door and soak them. We also look to see if any of our condiments, chicken stock, leftovers, yogurt, veggies, fruit, etc that are in the fridge are still good. If not, we’ll toss them. It’s a project, but I feel so much better when it’s done! 

6. Buy New Sheets and Towels – This spring I noticed we really needed some new bed sheets. I went to Target last month and bought a pair. I’m needing new bath and kitchen towels too, so I’ve been on the lookout. I know this won’t happen every year, but I’d like to get better about having new linen and fresh towels a little more often.

7. Start An Herb Garden – I attempted an indoor herb garden in mason jars last spring. The project didn’t work out, but I’m trying it again this year! I’m going to plant the seeds in peat pots instead of the mason jars though. I just don’t think they had enough drainage even though I added rocks to the bottom of the jars last year. I love the thought of having fresh herbs in my kitchen and being able to snip some off any time I need some for cooking. 

8. Clean Out Your Purse & Wallet – Every so often when I see my wallet bulging and my purse overflowing with lose papers I know it’s time to sit down and clean them out. I sit down and pull everything out that I’ve accumulated over the last few months and create a toss and file pile. I also like to change up my purse for the spring and summer. I use a black tote during the winter – it’s especially handy for work, but in the summer I tend to want to lighten things up – color and size wise.

9. Look Through Cookbooks For New Recipes – I love looking for new recipes each season. I’ll get out all my cookbooks and look through each one for seasonally appropriate recipes to make. I love buying what’s in season and it gets me excited as I know I haven’t had that particular ingredient for a while. I’m looking at making more spring salads, a strawberry rhubarb pie, and these mango black bean quesadillas I saw on Instagram the other day. I’m also anxious to start grilling. I got Lance a grill for Christmas, so we’ve been anxiously waiting to try it out!

10. New Year’s Resolutions – You may remember I posted my New Year’s Resolutions back in January. I like to look back and see if I’m still on track with what I was hoping to accomplish this year. New Year’s Resolutions are always hard to stick with, but checking back every so often is a helpful reminder!

What are you doing to refresh this season? I would love to hear your suggestions, too! 

Happy Spring, everyone! 


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  1. Sandra
    April 30, 2018 / 6:44 pm

    Ashley, Really hope spring is finally there soon. We have had a lot of rain but the last few days it’s been sunny and warm. I will see what I can do to send it your way…..Fingers crossed. Mom

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